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Is Landon having surgery?


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I was on a FB webpage the other day and there was some reference to Landon Johnson having shoulder surgery at the end of January. I can't remember what page it was on (one of the sports ones, ESPN maybe) but under their section on injuries it mentions that. Just wondering if anyone else has heard that or can varify that one.

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Yeah I read that too on the USA Today Bengals page.

— Rookie linebacker Landon Johnson, who led the Bengals with 133 tackles, is scheduled to have shoulder surgery soon, said Andy Simms, his agent. The procedure would be completed in time to allow Johnson to participate in offseason workouts and minicamps, Simms said.

— The Bengals and coach Marvin Lewis do not release injury information other than that required by the league on the in-season injury reports.


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Seems like he had surgery on one shoulder in college then the other one popped out this year. As tough as he is, no doubt Landon does all he can to play through it, but Beckett is a tough guy too. Big difference between making a tackle and not being able to see for a minute than shoulders popping in and out of socket, but still w/ Landon's condition, it makes LB a little more prioritized for the draft IMO.

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