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Detroit giving up on Harrington ??


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Lions | Harrington Could be Done in Detroit - from www.KFFL.com

Wed, 12 Jan 2005 10:49:25 -0800

Tom Kowalski, of Mlive.com, reports Detroit Lions QB Joey Harrington may be done in Detroit. According to sources close to the situation, the Lions are considering releasing him in late February instead of paying him a scheduled $3 million roster bonus. In addition to the bonus, Harrington will make nearly $5 million for the 2005 season in salary. While a decision has not been made at this time, there is reportedly a heated debate within the team on whether or not they should make the additional financial investment in him. Sources note that team president Matt Millen wants him to return but the offensive coaching staff would like to go in a different direction. Former offensive coordinator Sherman Lewis, who was forced into retirement at the end of the season, wrote letters to the team management noting that the team would never win with Harrington, as he does not have the intangibles needed to be a winning QB in the NFL. By cutting Harrington now, they would face a cap hit of $5.5 million. Harrington has offered to re-do his contract, but the team is not interested

They said at another site the Lions could be looking for a veteran QB. Possibly Rattay, Warner, or someone else. Kitna was better than ANY of the QBs they talked about taking the starting job there in Detroit. Would be a nice place for any QB with the receivers and RB situation there. Anyway, just food for thought.


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Wow. I'm surprised. I don't follow the NFC too closely, but I thought that the problems on the Lions weren't because of the QB. Sure, he's not a top QB in the league, but what do you really gain at this point other than saving a little money? IIRC, the Lions had 6 wins this year, 5 last year, and 3 the year before. The progress has been slow, but I don't see how releasing him is going to help them get any better.

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harrington is nothign special and is barely a starter in this league. he will never take a team to the superbowl.

hasselback is a different story cuz hes a free agent unlike harrington...

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If your in to that conspiracy theory stuff(I am on some stuff) I've got some good political sites for you if you don't already know them



I've got some others but I'd have to find them. Some of it is dumb, but some of it is absolutely crazy!

Since we've all strayed off topic to the issue of conspiracies, I've found none better than:


One word of advice...have your "gullibility" filter set on high, or by time you leave the site you'll find the Democratic and Republican Political Platforms beginning to make sense! :lol:

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Just to jump back on topic for a second:

Blame Jeff Tedford. Akili Smith, Joey Harrington, Kyle Boller...all products of the Tedford system. Great in college, unproductive in the pros. I am frightened for Aaron Rogers.

Actually, I am a big Harrington fan, and I think that if they let him stick around in Detroit he would have a big year in 2005. You can't just go from Marty Morninhweg to Steve Mariucci and expect huge results without allowing Mariucci a considerable amount of time to mold him and teach him the offense...he's played with a young or injured team his entire time in the pros, and he's only in his third year (2005 will be his fourth, just to clarify). Mooch certainly sounded like he had confidence in him after their season ended, and in two of his last three games he threw for 361 and 346 yards and was let down by his defense or special teams.

If I were them I would keep him around, but if they let him go he should go to a team like Arizona or Dallas, where he could win a starting job due to the lack of options. Denny Green would make something good out of him.


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Just to jump back on topic for a second

Thank God somebody did!

Denny Green would make something good out of him.    BN1281

Well living out here in Arizona, let me say that the Cardinals would jump all over him in a second. He's light years better than Josh McClown!

One more thing...the Cardinals will win their division next season. Yeah, I know it ain't saying much. I realize it's still an NFC division. :rolleyes:

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I'm with BengalNation, I'm also a Harrington fan. Remember all the fuss with Drew Brees and the fact that San Diego spent their number one pick on Rivers (Ok Manning) because they thought Brees was not the future. We all know differently now.

The Lions should stick with Joey Harrington, the young team will be a little older, wiser and more importantly - healthier next year. JH could very well be next year's Drew Brees.

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Lions | Harrington Release Speculation Shot Down - from www.KFFL.com

Wed, 12 Jan 2005 12:38:32 -0800

DetroitLions.com reports the Detroit Lions are shooting down speculation that they may be interested in releasing QB Joey Harrington. "We have absolutely no intention of releasing Joey Harrington, and there has been no organizational discussion about cutting Joey as suggested in the article. Joey had his best season this past year, and we firmly believe that he will continue to improve. We consider the report baseless and untrue," the Lions said in a team-released statement.

Well, this was put out after the first. Who knows ?!?! I don't have a problem with Harrington, but all of this can't help his confidence.


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no wonder u sucked terry :D

Ditty, must we go through this again?

I missed the live draft.

Its cool though, I won my other league, whose draft I was able to attend.




WR-Roy Williams


TE-Antonio Gates

RB-Julius Jones

K-Shayne Graham


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