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erickson gone

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You mean NE, Carrol has a dynasty going in USC, he's not going anywhere but I do expect san fran to try and bring some big name in

No, in NE he at least got what, 3 seasons? In NY he got one whole year as head coach of the Jets, brought in to clean up the mess left behind by...who else? Bruce Coslet! He went 6-10 and got canned for Rich freakin' Kotite, who couldn't manage to equal Carroll's wins over the next 2 years (he got 4). Jets fans still have nightmares about those days...

Scuttlebutt according to profootballtalk.com, the league's leading gossip site, is that Carroll is actively campaigning for the job. We shall see...

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The 49er's can give Carroll a ton of $$$. After seeing what Saben and Bobby Petrino did, I believe no college football coach when they say they're not leaving. And I don't blame any of them. The NFL is the final destination for football head coaches, the pinnacle of their business. If you're successful in the NFL, you've done it. IF his success at USC continues, he'll be in the NFL within the next 2 years -- afterall, how much rumor actually comes true within a week a story is aired on TV?

NFL teams today like having high-profile coaches on their teams. It makes no sense that guys like Ericson, Butch Davis (from his Miami champ. days), Only every once in awhile do you get the Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer's of the league.

The thing that sucks about this whole thing is the 49er's will be better now. DAMN! I was hoping for their own version of the "age of helplessim".

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The thing that sucks about this whole thing is the 49er's will be better now.  DAMN!  I was hoping for their own version of the "age of helplessim".

Au contraire. Revenge is a dish best served cold. And I understand it is very cold in Detroit in early February...:lol:

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profootballtalk.com passed along info from the LA Times. Looks like it's Carroll's if he wants it...


On Wednesday, we reported that USC coach Pete Carroll was working behind the scenes before the Orange Bowl to get in line for the 49ers head coaching job.  After Tuesday night's 55-19 win over No. 2 Oklahoma, it appears that any politicking by Pete won't be necessary, and that he can now play coy in the hopes of grabbing as much coin and control as possible, a la Nick Saban in Miami.

Indeed. the Los Angeles Times reports that the San Francisco 49ers plan to pursue Carroll aggressively.

Per the Times, an unnamed source says that 49ers owner John York plans to do something "exciting and dramatic" to boost a sagging franchise.

"You're dealing with a desperate man," the source told Sam Farmer of the Times.  "I think he's willing to go to the wall for anything that will stop the bleeding."

In short, York "wants to take a page from Daniel Snyder" (and that's a good thing?), paying Carroll $5 million or more per season and handing him total control of the franchise.

Carroll, if he's smart (and he is), will milk this for all it's worth.  He'll continue to say, as he did on Wednesday, "If somebody's going to call you, they're going to call you.  If they want to come after you, they'll come after you.  If people are calling about jobs, you have to feel good about the fact they're considering you. That's always nice.  But I'm not interested."

That's right, Pete.  Don't slam the door, but don't invite them inside.  Yet. 

We're not knocking him.  He's earned the ultimate leverage -- especially now that it's known that York is willing to do whatever it takes to get him.

For Carroll, a little thing called ego might also be driving him to squeeze as much as possible out of York, and to enjoy every nanosecond of the squeezing process.  After all, Carroll was bypassed for the head coaching job in San Fran for Steve Mariucci in 1997, even though Carroll had spent two years as the team's defensive coordinator.  (Carroll later landed that same year as the head coach in New England, after Bill Parcells bolted town.)

And Carroll justifiably should be miffed at the fact that Nick Saban has been the top-of-the-A-list NFL candidate for the past two seasons, even though Carroll has done as well -- if not better -- than Saban in the college ranks.

So if Carroll can get everything he wants, he'll go.  And he'll continue to deny interest until the day he accepts the job, since no college coach in his right mind would openly flirt with an NFL team in the final month of high school recruiting. 

What about the Rooney Rule, you ask?  Well, as we now know, the league office has provided the Art Shell Exception to the provision requiring at least one minority candidate to be interviewed for every head coaching vacancy.  Shell has said he'll interview for any job, any time, any place.  So all York needs to do is fly Art out to 'Frisco for a few hours, and then the Niners will have a clear path to working out a deal with Carroll.

Here's one last name to keep in mind -- Mike Holmgren.  We've heard he wants out of Seattle, given the looming free agency clusterfudge, and that he'd like to come home to the Bay Area.  If Carroll simply asks for too much at the bargaining table, Holmgren could emerge as York's much more affordable Plan B. 

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I saw the part of the Dr. Dork press conference when he was asked about Carroll and even though he had just said he wouldn't delve into candidates by name, he did squirrel up his brow and give Carroll kudos.

I still think Holmgren and Shannyhanny have to remain contenders for the job depending on how their teams do in playoffs.

In the end, here's to a string of 2-14 seasons whoever their d*ckhead coach is. :D

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