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We need 8-8 badly....


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Look, there is one absolutely unrefutable and completely final reason why we need to keep winning:

Since the Cleveland Clowns v2.0 were established in 1999, they are a woeful 29-64 through last Sunday.

We are a slightly-less-woeful 30-63.

Win out & we nail these guys into the basement as the worst team in the AFCN! :lol:

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If we want to be on Monday Night Football, I think we need 8-8 again....7-9 will get us on Sunday Night ESPN, but MNF is what we want....and with our schedule, I can see an Bengals-Colts matchup or Bengals-Packers....it would appeal to a national audience more.

Na the NFC is all very weak, we'll get a game vs the steelers. Just watch and see.

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