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Omar Jacobs

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GMAC Bowl: 26-44, 365 yards, 5 TDs, 1 INT

Led the country in touchdown passes this year.

Why don't I know anything about this guy? Everybody has been talking about how good Charlie Frye from Akron is, but this guy is in the same conference and I haven't heard a thing. Is he only a Junior or something?

So who knows about this guy, and where do you see him going and when?

Also, what do you know about Danny Wimprine from Memphis? He also had a pretty good game the other night.


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A recent mention of Omar from gbnreport's latest scount's notebook column:

At this time, for example, there simply aren't any seniors who are a lock to be worth the #1 pick overall in this year's draft, creating a potential problem for teams like San Francisco, Miami and Cleveland which are likely to end up making very early picks at this year's draft. That should change, though, if junior QBs Matt Leinart of Southern Cal and Aaron Rodgers of California opt to leave school this winter; both will likely end up being worthy of a top selection. Meanwhile, Utah junior QB Alex Smith will also likely get plenty of attention from pro teams with a top pick at the 2005 draft looking to upgrade at QB should he decide to turn pro early. Meanwhile, the QB picture could get very interesting if athletic redshirt-sophomore Omar Jacobs of Bowling Green, the most physically gifted QB in college football today, were to decide to join former MAC first rounders Chad Pennington, Byron Leftwich and Ben Roethlisberger in the show
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