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Kitna sounds upset


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This from the Enquirer this morning. Sounds like there might be some back-biting going on in the locker room.


" The offense had hoped to vary the cadence to throw off the timing of Bills defensive tackle Sam Adams, known for his ability to guess the snap count.

Backup quarterback Jon Kitna, who started in place of Palmer and would start against the Giants if Palmer were unavailable, was involved in three of the turnovers.

On Monday, some of the frustration seeped out.

"I guess the thing I'll do differently this week, if I end up playing, that I didn't do last time, I'm not going to mess with the cadence," Kitna said. "We'll just go on 'one' every single time, so there will be no confusion up front as to what's going on. There was some confusion, I guess. I'll take the blame for that. There was some talk that as to whether I even knew the snap count. So we'll make it on 'one' every time."

Kitna wasn't as upset about a fumbled snap with center Jerry Fontenot as he was a play in which an offensive lineman was still in his stance when the ball was snapped.

"Guys, I guess," Kitna said, "weren't used to me."

Fontenot started for the first time since Game 4 and for the first time with Kitna. The Bengals placed starting center Rich Braham (knee) on the injured reserve list Saturday."

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I'm sure the o-line is getting grief for not protecting Kit, and I'm also sure they're pointing to his snap counts as part of the problem. This is the kind of stuff that happens when you have to change QBs on the fly. Still, they didn't seem to have as much of a problem against the Pats, so maybe they just tried to be a little too clever with the varied cadence trick, and it bit tham on the arse.

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That's BS -- about the cadence. There's NO way, after hearing "on 2" that the linemen should be confused. In fact, jogging up to the line, someone whose gone through college at least three years, should be able to to think to himself, "ok, we go on 2 this time". Oh well, whatever excuse works.

Sounds more like Kit was frustrated, as jakster pointed out, with his boys up front.

Either way, this desperate housewives reenactment better farkin' get fixed.

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