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When we are officially out of the playoff hunt, I think Perry should start getting his fair share of carries in the last few games. We need to see what he is made of because I have a feeling Rudi isn't coming back. Do you think Marvin will give him some PT?

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Yea, I think Perry should play as soon as he can. But why hasn't Marvin put him in even though he's listed as active, but just no playing now?

Maybe it's a playbook thing. Which if it is, you would have to question his work ethic because hell, he's had what?...forever to learn it.

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I'm wondering if it's just that ML only wants to carry 3 RB's (including JJ) on the active roster and Perry has simply failed to beat out Watson?

Also Perry is, for whatever reason, not a special teams contributor I'm guessing, so I'm sure guys like Walters and Watson get his spot for that reason as well.

I question the Perry pick itself, his work ethic and/or attitude, and whatever else is wrong with him. I refuse to believe that after a few months an "abdonminal strain" is still that much of a factor that he can't play at all. Cmon.

His hold out and then missing the entire year for unknown reasons is very aggravating. Quit flubbing 1st round picks!! The Bengals do it too often.

Finally I just don't think Perry is or will ever be better than Rudi like so many other bust Michigan tailbacks.

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As to Perry starting, Marvin said "when he had a good practice, he would play."

From that I make the brilliant deduction that Perry is NOT having good practices.

I thought the draft report was that Perry was a hard worker.

I think Marvin is getting his message across -- give Marvin time.

Perry will play when Marvin believes he is ready.

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