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I haven't seen this mentioned very much, so I wanted to bring it up.

Kyle Larson running it into the endzone is one of the best things I've seen from the Bengals in a long time...it may only be one play, but I think it shows a lot about where this team is headed. We actually have the confidence on offense to try something like that, and it's good to see. For the longest time, all I could remember for the Bengals as far as trick plays go was a few years ago in TN when Corey Dillon threw the ball into the endzone for an interception.

Usually, after we tried a rare trick play (and botched it) everyone would shake their heads and say "WHAT were they thinking???". Now, however, things are looking a bit different.

Anyway, seeing that highlight got me pretty excited. We have a coach that's bold enough to try something like that, and a team capable of pulling it off.


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