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Ugh, Prisco...


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4 weeks after having Madieu as his mid-season D-ROY, in his 3/4 awards, Madieu isn't even honorable mention after adding a sack and a 2 picks. Either he wanted to sound hip at the midway, you know the "look at me, I picked a Bengal, I'm cool," or just an oversight,m which I don't believe with all the hype about Madieu and Corey being an even deal this week. Thoughts?

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Yeah, I saw that. In fact, there's not one mention of the Bengals at all in his Q3 review! My personal fav is how he goes searching back to week 5 for his "best game." Hey, Pete, what about that Cincy-Cleveland game everyone else seems to think is an instant classic???

Same dis from Lenny P over at espn, who just wrote a piece about several teams (Buffalo, for example) reviving their fortunes late in the season. Guess what team isn't mentioned?

They've all written us off already, IMHO. More fodder for the team bulletin board.

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