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I thought Kiper was fired from ESPN?


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I believe that his contract ran out while they were in negotiations on a new one. ditty's right, they came to a new agreement a couple days/weeks after that. The sticking points were supposedly about how many SportsCenters and other on-air stuff Kiper had to do. Kiper apparently wanted to hold his workload down and his pay up...shoot, I'd do his job and more right now for my current salary and I guarantee it's cheaper than what he's getting!

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Amazingly enough , I'm not gonna' bash Mel " the hair " Kiper. I've always thought that his draft antics i.e. ( that team doesn't know what they're doing and only I do ) mentality was a waste of time. -

- Over the years its' seems he's toned that down a degree, and concentrated more on just reporting ( which is what he is a reporter /not a scout ) on draft information.

Now guys like Matt Mayock from NFL Network is a former player turned scout, turned television analyst.

Pat Kirwan , former GM and Gil Brandt do some pretty good draft analysis.

Drew Boyer ( Football.com ) is another that has actual NFL experience, so those type of guys I trust more.

Mel though, he's not a bad guy, just a guy whose stature was hurt more by his mouth than by his bad hair ...... Millenium...?? :lol:

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