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Spasms force Palmer from practice


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As one calling for Kitna to come in after the loss to Steelers, I say now I hope Palmer returnes for Browns game. Hopefully, his back spasms will subside.

Palmer directly cost the Bengals 9 pts w/ 1 bad pass and a Klingler squirrel dance for a safety in Steelers loss. However, after comments by board members here and a review of game on NFL Network for Game of the Week, the playcalling was questionable in those situations so deep at own end of field.

Still, Palmer's play cost the win and the game was important because it was playoff pivotal. A Bengals win there and they were still in the hunt for a wildcard. For Browns, Ratbirds, and Pats, I would like to see Palmer. He is the now and future QB for franchise. These games are important for his continued development. The only game that Palmer has cost IMO was the Steelers game, not any of the others.

Last 3 games, maybe sit CP and protect investment. But no Kitna. Numbers I got are a $5.2 mill cap hit for 2005 if Enquirer article is right about $3 mill base, $1 mill roster bonus, and if $2.375 bonus was split for cap hit over 2 years.

If Palmer sits from here on out, Bramlet should get majority of snaps to determine if he is viable backup. Not Kitna.

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Lewis said today that Palmer would be a game time decision for the Browns game. Courtesy of Channel 12 news. This is the worst time for him to be hurt because if he misses the game and Kitna does well, there is going to be an absolute fan uproar when Palmer comes back.

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Game time decision eh?  I certainly hope its not Kitna vs. Holcombe, as mentioned earlier, a solid game from Jonny and the controversy reaches an all time high.........


Just what Bengals fans need.


Damn, will we EVER get through a season without shuffling muthaf**kas in and out the lineup?


Oh wait. That was last year, right? <_<

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My guess is Kitna will prove why he's on the bench (won't do much better than Palmer has).

Oh Shula my man, I hope he gets the oppourtunity, I really do. All of you will suddenly start the "We could of had a winning season if he had been under center all year" posts. If he starts, I can't wait until Monday to say I TOLD YOU SO

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If Cincinnati wins at home with Kitna against a team decimated with injuries,you'll be screaming,"I told you so!"?

If Carson starts and they win,what then?Better yet,what if they lose with Kitna at the helm?

The Bengals should win this game regardless of the qb.Why you think a mediocre journeyman qb who had only two decent seasons his entire career would have lead us to the promised land escapes me.

No,actually it doesn't.Your purpose here is to stir things up.You don't really care who wins the game,as long as you can post and antogonize the people on this board.That's what's fun for you.

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