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LABengalfan09 (this is not smack)


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First of all, thank you for the insight on Palmer. Seeing as how I have watched every game this year and have NOT had the benefit of listening to them on the Internet, I would not have any idea as to how good or horribly bad Palmer looks. This is what we like to call sarcasm.

To your point about the O-Line being the reason that Palmer can't have a good game, I would somewhat agree with you. But saying how fantastic he is when the line steps up is incorrect: With the exception of the Jets game (where he threw away the game-tying drive with an interception), his good games have been mediocre at best. While he played well in the Denver game, his stats were not exactly anything to brag about, and his good games are completely undone by stupid mistakes that he has made in close games. If not for his interception in the Jets game, his interceptions in the Steelers game, and his fumble at the end of the Titans game, we could very well be at least 4-3. I think that he has definitely had moments where he has been prolific at running the offense, but he folds up like a card table when the game is close and in his hands.

The D-Line has nothing to do with Palmer's play. They suck entirely on their own.

Yes, he has problems because of the O-Line, but he also has problems with mobility and an inability to call plays at the line when he sees something that he doesn't like. I've seen numerous plays where the defense has put 8 in the box and Palmer will still call the running play that was sent from the sideline. I've also seen numerous instances where there will be an open lane up the middle and pressure from the ends and he will take the sack rather than the open lane.

I have also heard that Peyton and Donovan and numerous other quarterbacks had problems in their rookie years, but none of those quarterbacks had the benefit of a year on the bench to learn the offense, a veteran QB to help teach them the ropes, and a team that had a .500 record and was a playoff contender the year before.

I can understand where you might disagree with my opinion, and my opinion is very strong in this matter, but please don't insult my intelligence or call me misinformed. I have been watching this team just as much as you apparently have, and I have seen the instances that I have mentioned more than once. I understand that nothing is going to change until Palmer either burns out or becomes a decent quarterback, but I wish that it would. I also understand that Kitna made mistakes last year, but I can't name one QB who didn't.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope that this illustrates my position better than my rant on the other thread. I know that you will have numerous counterpoints, and I am prepared to read them with an open mind, but let's just agree to disagree without having to insult each other because we disagree about who should be playing QB for the Bengals. I'd rather respect your opinion and skip past the name-calling.

God Bless.


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That's a lot of work. :P

I would like everyone to be reminded that we are talking about Carson Palmer, first year starter, and not Brett Favre, savvy veteran. QBs early on struggle. Hey Bax help me out here: case closed. Brett Favre led the league in Int's his first year. Manning and Carr struggled mightily with inexperience and pourous pass protection. Are we not only 7 games into the season and Palmer with the exception of Cleveland, has faced a top-10 defense every week, Oh by the way, he defeated the defenses ranked #1 and #2. In the Cleveland game he was victimized by 9 drops, that would derail Peyton Manning's best efforts. But let me say that I do not think he is the QB god of the NFL. He just deserves a heap more consideration than he is getting under extreme circumstances. No Peter Warrick, a banged up line, no running game, a defense that cant stop the run leading to a huge discrepancy in time of possesion and possessions period, and constantly playing without the lead can cause some of the most experienced vets to press.

Everyone wants to scream for Kitna but I believe Kitna in the same circumstances last year struggled to a 1-3 record. I love the guy but the future of this team is in Palmer's arm. Hey, he does things that make me throw my hands up in the air, but I know that a few games down the road that laser or scramble is going to find open arms connected to a striped helmet. The guy has yet to go through half a season, and people are calling for his head?!?!?!?!? Yet he has shown more promise than the last 3 first roud QBs they've taken combined in their careers! That may not say much, but the guy knows about turning around storied franchises for the better. At USC, his freshman year, he quarterbacked a win over UCLA ending a 7 year losing streak to the Bruins who at the time were a top 10 team.

I know as Bengals fans we are starved for a winner and grow more and more frustraded by the week until we have one, but if Manning, Aikman (1-15 his rc year), Favre, Carr, McNabb, were allowed to grow along with the pieces around them, then why can't Palmer? Not everyone is so fortunate to be thrusted into the situations Brady and Roethlisberger were.

Who-Dey. :player: B) :player:

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Alright BengalNation we realize you already consider Palmer a bust and the predominant reason they are 2-5, so I hope you are willing to live with that a year or two from now when he's right up there with the other great young QB's, along with Bax.

I don't know that you could be more wrong but no sense in arguing opinions on this any longer.

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Carr struggled because he was on an expansion team with :



NO OL (sacked most times in NFL history)

To compare what Carr had to what Palmer had is a joke. ;)

the bengals atleast have rudi and chad...i don't know about the o-line

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