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Palmer: 5tds 10 ints


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Don't worry guy's. Palmer is not about to be benched no matter what these whiners say! These are probably the same bunch of guys who were screaming for Palmer last year when Kitna was stinkin' up the joint!

Where were you guys after the Denver game? Again...nothing. Can I get you guy's a kleenex?

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Palmer has great ability. But, he cant show it under pressure like he was today. A good quaterback can work under pressure.

Are you serious?! that's when he's at his best. I don't know if you noticed, but he drove us all the way down to the 10 yard line with less than 2 minutes to go. He just made a stupid "rookie mistake"... he'll learn.

Palmer's stayin.

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How many times can you use that excuse man???

Uh, until he's done with his first year as a starter.

Anyone remember that Kitna did the same thing twice last season - once against Denver and once against Cleveland? QB's are going to make mistakes, just like everyone else. However, the only reason it mattered was because our defense and running attack were abysmal. When you have to rely on a rookie QB to win games (as we are doing now), you aren't going to win many games.

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How many times can you use that excuse man???


The only thing that's really getting old around here is your sorry ass. Take a hike to cleveland .... if you're not already there.

You'd almost be tolerable IF you knew what you were talking about, but it's more obvious with every post that you don't.

Pull Palmer out ............ pulling out is what your old man should have done before you were conceived.

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Palmer was really starting to hit his stride. It would be a mistake to put in Kitna now. Palmer was the only reason we were even sniffing a victory in this game.

Now That is an accurate assesment.

Bax et al .... please take note of what reality looks like so you'll recognize it in the future.

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I'm not gonna go as far as Bax to crucify Carson, and I don't think he's a bust.

I'm just saying guys.....

his two-minute-drill-capabilities are SERIOUSLY lacking now.

I mean, yeah, you can throw a INT, everyone does, but DAMN.....


Don't throw away the game at the last second man, f**k.

I know Barbarian and everyone else disagrees and says its not Palmer's fault and he didn't lose the game, but I honestly don't know what games yall have been watching. Play calling my ass, f**king improvise.

Let's see, the Jets game....what happened there...hmm...his only INT of the game in the last two minutes.

Let's see, the Steelers game....what happened there....hmm.....gift wraps a INT for his old college roomate, and Troy thanks him by running his ass the f**k over in the endzone.

Let's see, the Titans game has a chance to tie the game and send it into OT with sure legged-Shane Graham. f**ks around and fumbles it.


Look, I like Carson, I really do. I like his attitude and his ability is unreal. It's just a dagger in the heart, a f**ked up way to lose a game like that. Say whatever you want to say, you can't convince me otherwise.

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Remember last years game against the riders....Nuff said...Kitna is notorious for throwing ints when the game is at hand

Exactly, I think Bax just jumped on the bandwagon when Kitna started playing good last year. Because he doesn't seem to remember how long Kitna struggled before he finally had a good year. :player:

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