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bengals draft grade


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for the first time in a long time the bengals were'nt the ones being put down for there draft picks.....allmost all of the rookies picked were projected to go in the first round but fell for one reason or another..... when they did fall past the first round Marvin Lewis was there to pick them up

I would give this years bengals draft a solid B+ :D

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When you get 4 first round picks with your first four picks, that's an A+ draft. All four of the Bengals first picks were rated on some boards as first rounders. That's guality, and quantity.

Palmer is the QB of the future who doesn't have to start right away.

Steinbach is a great guard and will start soon.

Washington, if his neck injury is healed he can dominate games.

Weathersby, a minor injury dropped him from possible first rounder to the bengals in the fourth.

That's a quality draft, and it's only the first half. The other picks look solid, and could really contribute to the team this year. But the best thing about this is that the national media is raving about the Bengals draft. When was the last time that happened?

Positive PR, and top shelf players. It's a good day to be a Bengal Fan. :D

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I'd give the Bengals an A.

This may turn out to be one of the Bengals' best drafts ever.

Steinback, Washington and Weathersby should all be starters on the team early - midseason. Palmer may be starting in 2004.

Like Kevnz said, getting four potential first rounders with your first four picks is incredible. B)

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from everything i have read today 4/27/03 the bengals and the ravens had the best draft this year.......everybody is talking abought the bengals and the lowest grade i saw was a B+ and the highest grade i saw was a A++ so way to go BENGALS and thank you Marvin Lewis...the future looks great if your a bengal FAN :D

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