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What's up with Daryl Gardner and why can't


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We stop the run?

I dunno Chuck. To myself it seems our defensive linemen aren't very good. Some people like to use the term "suck." Seeing how the Bengals are rated LAST against the run, I would consider that term dead on accurate.

Marvin Lewis's defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier has crafted this last place defense over the past two seasons, yet he still has a job! :wacko: Would you expect to keep your job if you did it worse than every other of the 32 NFL defensive coordinators in the world?

I'd have enough self respect to resign and go find something I'm not the worst in the world at. Defensive coordinator doesn't seem to be Leslie's forte. I think he's at best a defensive backs coach, like he played with the Bears in the '80's. He has NO concept of what a good defensive line is! And when you consider the line he played with on Chicago's Super Bowl team, it's completely unfathomable. :wacko:

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