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Again, looking forward to the game


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The Browns - Bengals game will be the early game shown by our broadcasters over here. I'll be extra keen because it's a divisional battle.

As a Steeler fan I'll be rooting for the Bengals for logical and personal reasons. Everyone hates the Browns and I have soft spot for Cincinnati. Mind you, wasn't it this time last season when you turned things around to go from 1-4 to go 8-6 and compete for the AFCN although you bottled it in the last two games of the season. I'm wanting the Steelers to get a little lonely and have a bit of breathing room at the top of the division so beating Dallas will be pretty much a must win game because we're at New England and Philly after that. Baltimore have a good chance to regain top spot in the next few weeks and we've seen you guys come back before like las season.

Like when I reviewed the Pitt - Cincy game there were a lot of intanglibles that I thought would be factors in the game. It'll be the same for this game and the whole Pepto incident makes it even worse (very funny stuff though). The Browns are going to be very angry about that, even though on the face of it they said they took it in good humour (NFL Live last night).

Everyone wants to go into the bye week with a win, unfortunately the Bengals didn't. There's so many ways of looking into that but I personally feel if you go into a bye with a loss, it means more pressure to win the next game but you also don't have the anger fresh in your memory.

The Browns also have been winning at home and you guys losing on the road.

The game itself has some interesting matchups.

You are losing the turnover battle and I don't think Palmer is going stop the interceptions yet. I think he'll have a good game if his ints are limited to only 2. You're bound to put more points on the board and Cleveland are only going to see the endzone, at best, once.

Rushing? You're roughly equal on yards/game but your rush defense has been poor and may be costly here considering what Suggs did you last year.

Passing? There's no contest. You have a better pass offense and defense. Hopefully that medicine will come in handy after the game for Cleveland.

Bengals win, 20-13. Good luck.

To keep this from being an epic post I will stop here. Would anyone else like to add anything?

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Would anyone else like to add anything?

The Bengals will be a great deal healthier coming off their bye than they were two weeks ago. Combine that with remembering how Suggs ran roughshod over them last year and knocking them completely from playoff contention, and I see a Cincinnati team bent on getting a little revenge! :player:

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According to the ESPN Scoreboard, here is how they match up:




Perhaps our 21st ranked defense (with a bye week to help keep the totals down), which practiced an extra 5 minutes, can handle the 30th ranked Browns offense.

Actually, I think this is the start of the rebound for this season. We've got guys back from injury which helps. I agree with the revenge factor too.

And whenever Chad makes any kind of statement, pepto or otherwise....good things usually follow!

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Hopefully in the same vein as the Browns getting revenge on Baltimore in the first game of the season.

Oh Dude. What happened there went far beyond the definition of revenge. That was a full can of "Whoop-ass" opened up on 'em, topped off by a big fat topping of "Bitch-slapping!" :lol:

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Oh Dude. What happened there went far beyond the definition of revenge. That was a full can of "Whoop-ass" opened up on 'em, topped off by a big fat topping of "Bitch-slapping!"

Yeah, I loved every second of that! I only root for the Bengals, period, but I'll always root for the Browns over the Ravens. Art Modell is scum.

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