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A new player on defense?


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In the event you have not checked out the Bengals website in the last couple of hours, they announced they have waived Elton Patternon from the 53 man roster, leaving open a spot.

That leads to speculation.....Yes, maybe a new player on defense!!!!! Who can it be? Jason Gildon?

Hey, I would settle for Ross or Glen Steele. Those two may not be as fast as Marvin Lewis likes, but they could tackle. Has anyone ever checked the stats on Glenn Steele? I know he wasn't a starter, but it seemed like he always got some good tackles at the LOS or behind it. They wouldn't be blowing him off the line like they do these other guys. I don't understand why he was released. Was he a cancer in the locker room?

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One guy that I thought they might bring back was LB Riall Johnson. He had some success against the Ravens last year and he can play special teams. I know that he is not Marvin's prototypical player but he's the type of guy that they should keep around just to stop the Ravens and Steelers big backs if they play the 4-4. We play them four times a year and Marvin said we have (a) win our division games and (B) stop their running backs. So far we are 0-2 in that regard.

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