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Never being one to give up being optimistic I thought it interesting to read on Bengals.com that Rudi Johnson is on course to break the Bengals season rushing record - 1435 yards set by Dillon in 2000.

Anything to hold onto and claim as a success this season! Go Rudi!!

Bye-ing some time

10-5-04, 6:45 a.m.


Anderson: Band on the run

One win at the bye.

Last year, it was 1-4. This year it’s 1-3. And Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis went to great pains Monday to show his team that they aren’t far off from where they were last year at this time before coming out of the bye to win seven of their last 11 games.

The disappointment coming down from such an optimistic offseason is palatable. But he mentioned in Monday’s news conference that he showed his players some comparable stats and while there are some jarring differences (giving up more than 40 yards per game on the ground and a 20-point difference in passer rating), the numbers aren’t that far off.

Pro Bowl right tackle Willie Anderson looked at the rushing stats Monday and saw that running back Rudi Johnson is on pace to challenge Corey Dillon's club record of 1,435 yards in a season and concluded, “At least we go into the bye week knowing we’re good at something. Last year, we weren’t good at anything. We know we can sustain a good running game against a good defense.” Full story...

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