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Ross called

9-27-04, 12:05 a.m.


The Bengals could be very concerned that Sunday's kneecap injury to middle linebacker Nate Webster is going to put him out of action for possibly several weeks. Adrian Ross, who had been with the club the previous six seasons before being released just before training camp, said Sunday night from California that he will be in Cincinnati Monday to take a physical. More...

here's the link http://www.bengals.com/

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ya im with the guy that says why ross? just cuz he knows the system doesnt make him good. I wish to god webster didnt get injured cuz he has played very good for us. I hope they put landon johnson in there or miller is healthy cuz i think they would be our best shot at it...not ross.

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I dunno. If Ross comes back, you're looking at the same front 7 as last year minus 2 reliable rotation DTs. Can't believe we'd see Ross in the middle because Hardy was there last year. More likely Ross would be strong side if he starts or plays at all.

I like the Silent Assassin better than Miller but both are more like safeties than LBs. IMO neither flies as a MLB, but I'd rather see Landon there if it comes to that. Still, it makes more sense to me to shift Simmons back to the middle like he was when Takeo was playing. Then Landon and Miller could play weakside. Miller got abused there replacing Simmons vs. Jets, though.

Speaking of Landon, did he even play vs. Ravens? I never saw his number once. Wonder if his shoulders are popping out of socket again :unsure:

Did see some of Wilkins, though, vs. Ravens. He might be the next in line to start at an LB position.

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Why Ross? He's healthy, that's why. It's not like he's starting, but the team has lost how many LB's to the IR? He knows the system so if he has to go in he isn't gonna f it up cause he doesn't know the coverage that was called or pick up the right shift.

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Preliminary indications are that the Bengals will move third-round rookie Caleb Miller into Webster’s spot and that they won’t sign former Bengals linebacker Adrian Ross after they brought him in from California for a workout Monday afternoon.

“All I know is I’m headed back home. But I think I’ll stick around a few days,” Ross said.

no go on Ross.

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