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The Official Bengals-Ravens Game Thread


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I accidentally scheduled a golf outing at 11, so I will probably miss some of the game. However, I should be back for the second half. Hopefully, we have the game well in hand by then :P

I don't know what to expect from this game. The main issue will be to keep the Ravens off of Carson Palmer - I assume everyone remembers the last Ravens game when Levi went down and some retread gave up what seemed like 45 sacks.

Anyway, it's 9:52, and three hours and eight minutes til Bengals.

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well this is the first and hopefully not the last time I get to see the bengals live on TV so gonna enjoy this to the full.

I just hope that the offence turns up from the jets game and the defence turns up from the fins game as to coin a phrase "the circle is now complete" and it sure will be if the O & D play like they did in those respective games

WHODEY GO Bengals :player:

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like that wasent gonna happen 6 straight 100 yd games against the bengals they need to find someway to stop him

He's usually goona get a couple long runs a game. Lets hope they get them out of the way early, then stifle him later!

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