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It's up to the Bengals


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Well it looks like we have a real chance to do some damage in the North. The Browns, I mean they'll be lucky to win 3 more games. The Steelers look to have to start rookie QB Ben Rothwhatshisname, so that's gonna hurt, and hopefully Heap being out will put a real hurt on the Ravens for a few weeks (Sorry Billy, I know you want to beat teams at full strength, but until our IR is empty and all of our starters are starting I'll take what we can get, it's part of the game) I can see teams playing them 5-4-2 now that Boeller has no one to throw it to.

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Sunday Night's game was huge, now we don't have to play catchup in our division now. Next Sunday's game will be just as huge, going against the Ravens, but I think the home-field advantage might come into play.

Too bad we won't get the chance to play against Winslow, huh?

Did all that holding out, and the mofo's probably done for the season.

(And I f**king dropped Daniel Graham from my fantasy team for that fool..... <_< )

By that way, I'm glad they finally did something with the borders! Now we've got a cool backdrop instead of that dull ass forrest green surrounding the field! :player:

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