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Game day win / loose bets


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Come on peeps i wanted predictions on this weekends games !!!!

Here's my prediction for the Bungles Game:

Bungles 20, Bad Guys 17

Now for the rest:

Carolina at Kansas City--Kansas City by 10

Why: No Stephen Davis and Steve Smith = Panthers no move ball :D

Chicago at Green Bay--Green Bay by 14

Why: Bret Favre at home means win. Green is at top of his game

Denver at Jacksonville--Denver by 6

Why: Close game--but Denver is more playoff bound than Jacksonville is.

Indianapolis at Tennessee--Tennessee by 3

Why: Peyton chokes in big games. This is the AFC Championship Preview. I pick the better Defense every time.

Pittsburgh at Baltimore--s**ttsburgh by 17

Why: No offense for Baltimore spells trouble. Boller blitzed all day long and finds himself on the bad end of a beat-down.

San Francisco at New Orleans--New Orleans by 3

Why: San Francisco is going to have a very long year with Erickson being on the hot seat by week 10.

St. Louis at Atlanta--St. Louis by 7

Why: The 2 Mikes (Vick and Martz) are the most overrated "Mikes" on the planet. The dumber "Mike" (Martz) will come out of this one on top. He's got more weapons on offense.

Washington at N.Y. Giants--Redskins by 3

Why: Portis is going to run-over the Giants.

Seattle at Tampa Bay--Seattle by 3

Why: Seattle is a better all-around team right now. Gruden is going to have a long season without any receivers

Buffalo at Oakland--Buffalo by 7

Why: Bledsoe's getting old--but he'll get it done here.

Cleveland at Dallas--Terds by 3

Why: Garcia gave the Terds new life last week. He'll continue to give the Terds life this week.

N.Y. Jets at San Diego--NY by 14

Why: Because they're the Chargers, that's why.

New England at Arizona--New England by 17

Why: Because they're Arizona. That's why. Period.

Minnesota at Philadelphia--Philly by 3

Why: High scoring contest. This could be one of the best offensive contests of the season. Maybe even the NFC Championship Preview. Philly's got the better defense.

There. I hope this post gets this thread back on track, you perverts!!!


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I hope this post gets this thread back on track, you perverts!!!


Says the man with a scantily clad-purple-nightgown-looking-excuse-for-a-skirt-Brittney-Spears-in-his-avatar

(Oh, and by the way, the Chargers did knock off the Texans last week, which was the first time the Texans have ever lost an opening day game in their brief history...counts for something....)

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