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Ray Lewis


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Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis is ecstatic to be just days away from the first game of the 2004 NFL regular season, a game in which he plans to debut the most homoerotic pre-game dance routine yet of his illustrious career.

Wow. This takes guts!!

Well I believe the Ravens #52's reasoning is obvious here people! Ray aware he's going to be out there in full view of the Browns QB Jeff Garcia for a good part of the game, and I'm pretty sure that Mr. Lewis has heard the rumors as to Jeff's alleged affinity for "pole smokin'", "getting mud on the helmet," however you prefer to allude to gay sex.

I suggest that Ray is intentionally trying to pull the ultimate distraction on the Browns "light in the loafers" QB by driving him mad with MAN LUST!! :o If only Richard Simmons could advise with a few cutsie-pie pieces of foo-foo choreography, I'm sure you won't see Garcia complete a pass all day long!! :lol:

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