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In case anyone cares...

Metcalf is a freak and stole the day.   He may cause some adjustments to early top 10 mocks, not sure (still catching-up).  There's a bunch of freaky fast and big WR's in this draft, Isabella smoked a 4.31" also and that guy is built like a LB.

3 Ohio State WR's finish in top 8 of best 40" times.  I've always really liked Campbell and McLaurin, especially Campbell's potential and ability to run the ball or even return kicks.  Dixon is interesting too, didn't get a ton of targets in college, all those guys had to share the wealth.

Saw someone at NFl.com, I believe, mock TE Noah Fant to the Bengals' at #11.   Not sure I'd be happy with that, as good as he may end-up being.  They simply need a blocking TE or two who can catch a little right now IMO, a dynamic/top flight TE can wait.

Murray not throwing at Combine and of course Arizona are rumored to be exploring him as their #1 pick and trading Rosen.  Haskins has looked good throwing the ball, had a 4.5+ forty time, is still the consensus #1 QB from scouts.  Gotta think he ends-up a Giant, if not a Buccaneer.

Nick Bosa already warning Arizona not to pass on him.  Still wonder if he'll just be as injury-prone as his brother.

If someone like Daniel Jones falls to the Bengals, I still wonder if they're going to be able to pass or not.  He improved his stock today.  But I'm still firmly in the #1 LB or OT camp,  trading-down or not.



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Montez Sweat with the best 40" time amongst d-lineman and LB's, all 6'6" 260 pounds of him (4.41).

White, Bush and Johnson ran 4.42's and 4.43's.  More and more the freak athletes all play defense and blow-up smaller offensive guys.

Bosa didn't show-up in many top times.   I'd say his #1 over-all status is pretty questionable at this point.

Wash's Ben Burr-Kirven put up some impressive #'s, finished in the top half or top 5 of almost every workout.




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