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Tailgating Vehicles


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Just moved back to Ohio and I am about to start a tailgating vehicle project, but before I start I wanted to know a few things.

Are there special designated spots for large tailgating vehicles like buses, etc?

I assume you can't just roll in and park and take up a ton of room. I am looking at customizing a trailer, too - so would I have to buy 2 passes and park the car next to the trailer so I'm not sticking out too far? How does this work? I have googled for hours now, and the internet it not helpful.

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I'll try to be helpful.    There are team controlled lots and non-team controlled lots.

Team Controlled lots you will contact the Bengals ticket line.   From there you'll be able to inquire about parking passes and availability.   Lot E used to be their RV/Big Vehicle lot.  

Team controlled lots open later because the NFL has a standard rule about opening so many hours before kickoff.    It's worth a call to see what availability they have and I'm assuming they'll be able to give you the rules.   

Non-team controlled lots are going open earliest.   They are going to operate by their own rules and each lot could be different.   There is a big tailgate lot "Longworth Hall" very popular.  I have seen RV etc in the lot and I think they just charge extra.    There is also a gravel/concrete business near PBS off Mehring way that accommodates big tailgate vehicles.

There are also two big flat lots that get a lot of tailgaters down 3rd Street (?) across from a UPS facility. 

I'm not sure who manages these lots and if they have contact info for questions.    Hope this helps.



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