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Bengals.com Forums Shutting Down


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At the end of the month, apparently. It seems that running a forum is too expensive for NFL clubs these days (who knew cash was so tight...? :lol:) so now you'll have to follow the team on free sites like twitter and facebook.

Man, it's going to be tough for Hobson to explain how the team has no cap space in 140 characters or less...

Seriously, why you would do something that will draw fewer eyeballs to your site, I dunno, but then I'm not a pro football marketing expert.

And to any ex-pats from the .com, welcome. :cheers:

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Looks like the majority of them are going to go-bengals or other sites being created by some of the disgruntled.

If this site were to go away some day (nothing lasts forever) I would probably just stop frequenting forums or at least my active participation.

It would be more "watch and read" as opposed to being real involved.

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