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Bryan Price Rant


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The F-bombs are just funny. What isn't is that Price doesn't seem to understand that yes, it actually IS C. Trent's job to break news on the team. He's not there to help them win, he's there to report on them. If Price doesn't like how news is getting out, there are ways to get out in front of it, but the bottom line is that this stuff comes with the territory of being a big-league manager.

In short, the problem isn't that Price comes off as profane, it's that he comes off as a nitwit.

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Well it seems Price knew exactly what he was doing. The Reds are actually playing good ball after his rant. I will help, Reds are F()<king great!!!

Everyone needs to vote for the Reds top four for the all star game. Make sure Pete Rose is there as a Red great, make MLB have him on the field at the mid-summer classic.

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