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ArmyBengal's Quick Mock 2015


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Like King's, this is still way too early, but thought it would give something to look at and make fun of for a little while.

I'm not going all into trying to explain, simply looking at needs and who may or may not be there when we pick.

Oh yeah, we got comp picks in the 3rd and 4th.

1. DT Malcolm Brown, Texas- He's probably the BPA and fits.

2. OLB Hauli Kikaha, Washington- Can get to the QB and hits a need. Mauldin from Louisville would be fine as well.

3. WR Phillip Dorsett- Speed, speed, and more speed. Undersized, but did I mention speed ??

3. DE Za'Darius Smith, Kentucky- Goodbye Geathers.

4. TE Tyler Kroft, Rutgers- Strikes me much like Eifert, but a solid blocker.

4. FS Durell Eskridge, Syracuse- Nelson won't be around forever and has the size they like at the position.

5. FB Jalston Fowler, Alabama- If Hewitt is strictly a TE in 2015, give me the best FB in the draft.

6. OT Sean Hickey, Syracuse- LT prospect and depth, which is always needed.

7. OG Jarvis Harrison, Texas A&M- More o-line depth and his coaches think very highly of him.

I don't really care much about arguing because free agency could change everything drastically. Who knows ??

Maybe they go after a #2 WR in free agency. How about Boling is gone and they go after Iupati from the 49er's ??

Too many options to consider at this point, but I wanted to waste some time today.

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As much as I might want another O-lineman and could certainly justify the pick when considering contracts for both Whit and Smith, I think they go another season before addressing it early and basically ignore it for 2015 minus some depth picks towards the end. You could make the same argument about the DE spot except the pass rush was horrendous last year and if it's not addressed, they are in for a long season.

Seriously though, at this point, you could easily shuffle things around and come up with something just as feasible.

I want to see a speed element added in what we lost with Hawkins for the offense and attempt to add pass rushers on defense at whatever position.

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I think we have the new Geathers in either Margus or Clark, so gimme an OT at that spot instead

Tho I admit the top need is an improved pass rush, New DC seems to not like to blitz much, though, so I dont know how much passrush work a LB will get here

In looking at my mock, I would be thrilled to see my top 3 picks regardless of what happens in free agency, so i'm sticking with those for now.

Improved pass rush from two different defensive positions, cut the roster fat, and add more speed to an offense in need of it.

Since i'm pretty much always looking at players heading into the draft, I went back to take a look at that 2nd 3rd round pick.

Don't want a DE there ?? Cool, I have two options I would be more than thrilled with at that spot.

Donovan Smith, OT, Penn State- Big boy LT that would benefit greatly having Whit and not being expected to step in right away on the left side.

Gerod Holliman, FS, Lousiville- 14 INT's and hard to find a part of his game I don't like.

Obviously taking a FS in the 3rd changes what they do with that 4th rounder, but I can't say as I have a great idea at that point.

The DE's at that point in the draft don't do much for me in regards to actually upgrading the roster.

I would say maybe move OG up the pecking order, but who knows.

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I like your mock Army but doubt Dorsett lasts that long. Maybe he'd be there in r2.

Just found out we are family friends with the Alabama TE Brain Vogler, my Father works with his. Just read up and he had a great Pro a day, more of a blocker, so s possible UDFA candidate.... Good size and speed, and decent hands, smart.

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Yeah, back in January when I put that together, Dorsett was still running under the radar.

Now ?? He's a 2nd round guy minimum.

I've seen a lot of talk about Mauldin going in the 3rd, so Dorsett in the 2nd followed by Mauldin in the 3rd wouldn't bother me in the least.

I still would love to see Malcolm Brown in the first, but don't know if they would go that route at this point.

I simply think putting him on that line with the other guys we have would be a solid move.

Surround the rookie with solid vets and that's a win win situation.

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