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The Bengal Beginning


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Okay, it's the evening of an important primetime game against a division rival. Win, and the Bengals hold first place. Lose and the Steelers and Browns, take over as division leaders.

A lot of uncertainty here, so let's lighten the mood with these 2 survey questions.

1. How and/or why did you become a Bengals fan?

2. Depending on how long you've been a fan, are you in for the long haul regardless of the outcome from year to year? (If you've been a fan since 1990 you've already earned your long haul stripes)

1. I was born and raised in Dayton, and was 15 when Bengals came to town. My dad and I were Browns fans, since that was the only Ohio team in the NFL.

Since PB was an integral part of the Browns, at one time, and because Cincinnati was so close to Dayton, dad and I decided to convert to Bengal fans.

2. I've already earned my long haul stripes.

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I didn't follow sports until I was a teenager; I just didn't find them interesting. The local hysteria in the Dayton area in 2002 as Ohio State was making their undefeated championship run changed that, and I found myself watching the games every Saturday. It was oddly riveting even if foreign to me. By the 2003 season I was interested enough in football that I ended up watching it on Sunday too, and it was probably a perfect storm that year to seal my fanhood with the Bengals. Even if I had hardly ever watched them in their dark era, I was definitely aware of how terrible they tended to be. They were a running gag in the family and among my peers, so I could only logically expect that trend to continue when I hopped on board. But that was the 8-8 year of resurgence with the win against the 9-0 Chiefs and all that jazz, so I was hooked.

Strangely, I eventually stopped caring about Ohio State (I honestly hate college football) and ended up exclusively following the NFL.

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I was raised as a Bengals fan and it just stuck.

My Dad having season tickets for 20+ years and dragging me along helped having it stick.

So did going to the freezer bowl at age 10 and the first Bengals Super Bowl.

I will continue to come back season after season. I just love it too much to stop following.

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