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New Bucs Uniforms...

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...are absolutely awful.

Tampa’s new Nike uniforms feature an oversized logo on the helmet, a bizarre black-based color scheme that ignores the franchise’s retro creamsicle uniforms and numbers that look like the red LED digits on an alarm clock, only far less easy to read. They’re stuck in a uniform limbo. Looking at these, I think of a Thanksgiving windsock.


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Bucs fans are tossing their cookies over the new look. Some of my favorite comments:

Probably the ugliest uniforms in the NFL.

What an enormous piece of ****.

For the love of God PLEASE tell me this is a joke.

I'm almost glad I hardly get to watch them now.

As if last year wasn't already embarrassing, they go and do this ****.

They're still ugly at a 10 on a 1-10 scale. They tried measuring this and said "get the **** off the scale"

If they wanted to make the Bucs look like turds, they did a good job.

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At First I didn't like them because I thought the pewter looked Black and to similliar to Falcons/Alt Cardinal uniforms.

After seeing them with more Light they aren't too bad but the Alarm Clock font is terrible on the away On the home easier ignore.


Okay looks like still be pewter on helmet? just feel should be like a shade lighter.

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