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Another Possible Step in the Right Direction


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IF, we can win out, we will go 11-5, win the division, and should play the first playoff game, at home, if my playoff protocol is correct.

THAT, in and of itself, with the IR injuries we've sustained with Geathers, Lamur, Atkins, Hall, and Mays, and now Huber, is a big step forward.

How? 2011 we were 9-7 wildcard team, lost to Texans. 2012 we were 10-6 wildcard team, lost to the Texans. 2013 (Possible scenario) 11-5 Division winners, and win at least the first playoff game at home!

I truly believe IF we can win out, with the injuries we now have, I believe that we can win the first playoff game at home regardless of who we play.

What say you??

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I dunno about steps forward but making the dance with half the team on IR is an accomplishment.

Of course that was what happened in 2009 too.

I have to be honest, I never rooted against the Bengals, ever, or any of the players, but when the Chad Johnson Show ended up taking center stage, I didn't follow things beyond watching the games or following the score if the game wasn't on prime time, so I have no clue what the injury status was until 2011.

Rooting for the Lions tonight, and winning Sunday is first on the list. Then winning the next week against Baltimore would be next up. If they do that, and win the playoff game at home, I think it's a big step forward with, like you said, especially with half the team on IR.

Take away the bad snap and the hit, and 'no call' and it may have been a different story, despite the missed tackles, OL line breakdown.

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