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This is actually a serious thread. I was wondering if anyone has any info on if that ol' man Bengal Billy is alive and well. He would always come around our Browns website and chat and talk a little smack, but I guess he hasn't been around about the same time his last login was here. I hope the man is alive and well still, I have posted with him for many years and as odd as this may sound, am concerned because he was very active in both of our communities.

Anyways, you guys are having a hell of a year, you've knocked off some good teams, and I hope you make it to the playoffs rather than the Turdbirds. And I'm sure were both happy about how the piss and black are doing this year, that's a welcome change for once.

God bless and good luck.

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Hi muah. Billy is alive and well, but unfortunately he is currently a guest of the state of Arizona after an unfortunate incident involving alcohol, his truck and a tree following the Bengals wild card loss to Houston last January. Some details in this thread.


I owe him a letter and I'll be sure to let him know you guys were wondering where he was.

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