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Funny moment in Walmart


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I live in Columbus OH and we Bengal fans are far and few in this area. Most of this area cheers for the Steelers and Browns. I have no idea why either seeing that we’re closer to Cincinnati. But I wanted to share a funny moment that I had today. The wife and I were in Wal-Mart this morning and there was this employee sporting his Steelers jersey and hat. Another Steelers fan strikes up a conversation with him about the Steelers and the employee started to get kind of loud. He said that he’s never gone against a Steeler coach before but if the Steelers don’t win this week, he’ll be asking for Tomlin’s head. He also stated that Tomlin won a Super Bowl with Bill Cowers players but have been going downhill ever since. I just smiled, knowing that we beat the Steelers on Monday night football. Who Dey!

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