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Offense Looks to Break Fast


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Hoosier, I don't remember which thread it was in where we had this debate, but do you remember being upset about Gruden's comments because you wanted our offense to dictate what the defense does?

I argued that this is essentially what Gruden was saying and that you were arguing about semantics.

Anywho, thought you (and everyone else) might like his quote from the .com article today:

"Blitz the defense before the defense blitzes you," is how Gruden puts it. "It's important for us when we do huddle to still come out fast … play with great tempo to try and dictate what we want to do instead of the defense dictating to us."

He's finally using the language you like. Hope you're happy. tongue.gif

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I'm happy to hear that. More importantly, I'm happy that it looks like they finally have some weapons to do it with.

The fast-paced approach is an outgrowth of the versatility the Bengals have tried to cultivate. The less substituting of personnel groups the faster they can get up and go. The other big difference from the Houston loss is the Bengals have more guys that can stay on the field and play different spots.

Wide receiver Mohamed Sanu can play the slot, the outside or line up in the backfield. Rookie tight end Tyler Eifert can play wide receiver. So can rookie running back Giovani Bernard. Orson Charles can now play both fullback and tight end.

That means the Bengals can run a slew of formations without running in single guy. That means they can hurry up, line up on third-and-five, and the defense is back on its heels not knowing if it's run or pass.

"It's all about being in position to pick up third down," Dalton says.

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