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Reds vs. D-Backs


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I was kind of surprised to see that the Reds still have two series with both the Cards and the Pirates.

This should be interesting for sure and I agree that this series is really big for them.

The Pirates play the next 7 on the road heading to the West coast.

The Cards play the next 3 at the Brewers and then host the Braves for 4.

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Chapman actually looked good last night. He got into trouble because he was dropping his fastball a little too low and batters were able to drop their bats down and hit little bloopers.

But, his velocity was back up and he came nowhere close to walking anyone which are both good signs in my book.

Solid win last night.

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Too bad they lose on a night the Pirates decide to win again.

The Cards lose though.

Cingrani hurt his back and left the game early.

That's not anywhere near a good thing.

Hoover gave up a slam in the game as well.

When you have Choo, Votto, Phillips, and Bruce go a collective 1-16, they won't win many.

Oh well, Leake is up tonight.

Get it done !!!

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Yeah, I saw that Chapman actually batted last night. (Stikeout)

I wasn't aware of Broxton being hurt again.

He looked really good his last outing.

That would suck.

Yep, Broxton came in to pitch the 8th lat night. Homer, walk, and then he got yanked with an injury. So Chapman came in with a guy on 1st and no outs.

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Taking 3 of 4 from the only team within range of catching the Reds for a wild card spot essentially guarantees the Reds a playoff berth (barring disaster). It'd sure be nice to win the central though.

The Reds have a lot more games at home in September than both the Cardinals and Pirates.

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