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Reds vs. Pirates


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The Reds travel to Pittsburgh and start up a 3 game series tonight.

They really need to step things up with them dropping the last two games and falling a game behind the Pirates into 3rd place.

The pitching matchups look to be really intriguing as well:

Cueto (2-0) vs. Rodriguez (6-2)

Leake (4-2) vs. Liriano (3-1)

Latos (5-0) vs. Gomez (2-0)


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And there you go.

Leake throws 6 shutout innings and the Reds win 2-0.

The Pirates have only scored 1 run in their last 3 games, so I hope that trend continues in todays early afternoon game with Latos pitching.

Another side note: with the win last night, the Reds now have a winning record (15-14) on the road.

Still can't gain ground on St. Louis.

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The "best" team never actually wins the World Series anyway, so let 'em at it if they keep it up all year (doubtful). Just make sure to snag a wild card. :sure:/>

It's June 2nd and the team's starter with the best ERA (among qualified pitchers league-wide) is Mike Leake. How about that.

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Yeah, i'm happy about the series win and all that, but there isn't anything good about blowing a 4 run lead regardless of the team.

They let their foot off the pedal and went almost 6 innings without a hit after jumping out in front.

Such is life though huh ?? It could be far worse.

Skyline, I will MORE than second your comment about Phillips getting back sooner rather than later.

I made the comment a few threads ago about not wanting to see Izuris back in the lineup EVER again.

Of course he gets the start with Brandon on the mend and what does he do with that opportunity ??

Yeah, 0-5 with a nice batting average of .161. Seriously ?? There's no one else to man 2nd base ??


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