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For once, someone gets it right


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What I liked about it is that it runs parallel to the series on, who is the greatest coach of all time? That's a very subjective question and in those debates PB rarely seems to get his due. But whether or not you think PB is the greatest coach, this format correctly makes it clear that, in the modern sense of the term, he was the first NFL coach. All the techniques used today derive from his innovations. That point is made well here, and it often isn't.

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Just to update, espn put him at No. 6 on their all-time list. I think I agree with Peter King (I know, I know, broken clock, blind squirrel/acorn, etc.) about that. From his MMQB column today:

1. I think we all have our opinions, and they're all fine, and I haven't given one about the NFL players' top 100 list because I don't think the players take it seriously, and so I don't value it at all. But I saw that ESPN just named Paul Brown the sixth-best coach of all time. To me, that's like naming Bill Russell the sixth-best basketball player of all time, or Babe Ruth the sixth-best baseball player. Have some respect for history, fellas. Here's a guy whose inventive fingerprints are all over the modern game, whose Cleveland Browns -- another Brown invention -- played in the championship game of their league for 10 straight seasons. Sixth. Riiiiiight.


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