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Reds vs. Cubs


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The Reds are back home starting tomorrow with the next three games against the Cubs.

Looks like Arroyo, Bailey, and Cueto are the starters for this series.

Man if Votto keeps up this pace, the Reds are going to continue to be a force going forward.

He's batting .358 with an OBP of .484.

How nice was it to see Cozart go 4-5 yesterday ??

I was happy for him and hope to see more of that.


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Series actually starts tomorrow night, I believe.

But yeah...they're looking strong right now. Against bad teams, granted, but Harvey is the real deal and they managed 4 off of him. Why anyone would throw Votto a fastball down the middle on a 3-0 count is beyond me.

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Good win to continue the domination of the Cubs. I'd love to see another sweep, though today's pitching matchup figures to be tough. I trust Bailey to give us a good effort though.

Votto is back in the MVP race suddenly, and frankly he might be on top of it. Now that he is starting to get that slugging percentage up around .550, his OPS has climbed to 1.046 -- easily tops in the NL. The only things holding him back are RBIs (a near-useless statistic anyways), but even those are starting to come in droves.

The NL Central is going to be a dog fight all year. The Pirates are at it again too... we'll see if they can get through the entire year this way as they've failed to do the last two seasons.

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