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Reds vs. Phillies


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The Reds head up to Philly to start a 3 game series tonight.

The Phillies haven't bene playing the best ball lately, but they are still a solid team.

They have issues with lefties with a good fastball and I think tonights matchup with Cingrani on the mound favors the Reds.

Here's to hoping that holds true.

The last two games have Arroyo and Bailey pitching for the Reds.

For those that don't usually get to watch them, Saturdays game is being televised on Fox stations.


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I kept my mouth shut yesterday. Glad things worked out for the best !!! laugh.gif

And now we have irrefutable proof of the connection between Army and our beloved Reds.

Hmmmmm...think it applies to football, too?

I'm going to have to say no to the football side of things, as I never post during the Bengals games.

Maybe it's the opposite and I SHOULD be posting during the Bengals games ??

Things that make you go, hmmmmmm...

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Other things that make you go hmmmmmm? The Reds bullpen this week against the Phillies.

Sheesh. Chapman didn't retire a single person today...walk, HR, HR. That's what happens when you can't throw strikes and are then forced to lob 94 mph fastballs down the middle of the plate.

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