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DT McCleary Cut


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from bengals.com:

NEWS HITS (8-9-04): On Monday morning the Bengals released second-year defensive tackle Norris McCleary, a veteran of 13 NFL games with the Chiefs from 2000-01.

Also found this bit of speculation by Hobson in today's story on the D:

If the Bengals add a defensive tackle in camp, one candidate could be Glen Steele, the seventh-year player they didn’t re-sign who was cut by the Giants last month after playing the past six seasons in Cincinnati.

But Hobbie says he thinks they'll keep 8 defensive linemen. With Williams, Thornton, Smith, Clemons, Askew, Geathers, Moore & Powell, I don't think they bring back Steele unless someone gets hurt or either Williams or Moore really stink it up.

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They might be making room for Perry.

That's very likely. But it doesn't change the fact that cutting McCleary reduces our d-line depth to basically Carl Powell (and he ain't exactly the shizz, y'know). Beyond that all we have is a bunch of maybe, could-bes and who-dats. And some of them will see significant time in the rotation by necessity, not to mention being thrust into the barrel if someone gets hurt. Askew and Geathers (or maybe Patterson if he sticks and they try to sneak Jumpy Jr. onto the practice squad) better be gawd's gift to their respective positions, because if they aren't it's going to be loooooooong year...

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