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Hal McCoy needs a ride from Dayton


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You get a free seat in the pressbox!

For 41 years, Hal McCoy has been a fixture at Cincinnati Reds games while covering the team for the Dayton Daily News (1972-2009) and his baseball blog The Real McCoy (2009-present).

He'd like to keep it that way for a 42nd season, but it sounds like the 2002 J.G. Taylor Spink Award winner and man credited with creating "The Big Red Machine" nickname for the Reds during the 1970s, is going to need a little help to make that happen.

From The Real McCoy himself:

As most of you know, I am legally blind and unable to drive. For the past five years, my friend Larry Glass has been my driver from Dayton to Cincinnati and back for Cincinnati Reds home games.

Unfortunately, Larry has some health issues and won’t be able to drive this year, leaving me with no transportation to and from Reds games.

So…is there anybody out there with nothing much to do on their hands who would like to see most of the Reds home homes this season…for free.

Free games and a seat in the pressbox next to me is the upside.

Somebody has to jump on this chance!

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