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You know when you're getting old...


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When you find yourself bored, and pull out a 40 year old album to liven things up.

When tossing in a cup of regular coffee with the decaf designates a party night.

When waking up at 4:30 AM everyday doesn't seem weird.

When young folks start calling you "sir".

When you realize Dwight Eisenhower was president when you were born.

When watching kids fly through the use of a smartphone so fast it makes your head hurt, and you thought you were tech savvy.

When in the middle of walking the dog, taking a piss behind the bush doesn't sound like that bad an idea.

When at the grocery, you find your left hand full of coupons.

When you find mailings from the AARP interesting reading.

When you can still recite the Pledge of Alliegance and sing God Bless America.

Feel free to add any more to my list. :P

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