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Kirkpatrick Knee Surgery Friday


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There was a note I read somewhere a couple weeks back to the effect that Dre had played with this issue in college and just toughed it out. That makes more sense then the initial story of some mysterious injury last spring that now requires a second procedure. I would give the usual shout-out to the (on) crack medical staff except that I don't recall a peep about knee problems in any of the stuff I read or listened to about Kirkpatrick. I wonder if he didn't just "forget" to mention this little problem so as not to hurt his draft stock...

Just be back next year, Dre.

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What do we know about this? Is it arthroscopic? Meniscus ala Joey Votto? Cartilage?

It depends on who you believe. Initially the report was that Kirkpatrick had fractured his knee getting ready for training camp. Subsequent reporting by Brad Johansen suggested that the injury was actually a flare up of Osgood-Schlatter syndrome, which is a bone growth issue that is usually found in kids and teens. It normally clears up by itself but sometimes lingers and occasionally requires surgery. If that's the case he should make a full recovery.

Or Johansen could be wrong and the original report right. Or something else could have happened during one of the various reported "setbacks" during the year. All we can do is wait and see.

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