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After watching the 1st 2 games it is apparent to me that we need a new MLB, this is just a continuation of last season when we got trampled by the other teams running backs especially RRice... TRichardson looked like AP yesterday...Every time, he is either on the ground, or chasing the play and it seems like he is always out of position, if he is still worried about his knee, let VBurfict start...

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Yes, I'm not impressed with Rey, either. If we can get more QB pressure, then a lot of our problems will seem less significant. Getting Dunlap back will be VERY helpful, and getting Sims back would help plug things up against the run. And, if they can use players like Burfict and Moch when he returns to add to our blitz packages, then I'm all on board.

Our LB corp is the obvious weakspot, with the secondary a close 2nd. I think the secondary is servicable however...it's just that the lack of QB pressure is allowing the opposing QB to sit back all day and wait until someone gets open.

It's starting to look to me like a couple of our seasons with Palmer. Our offense looks quite strong, in my opinion. The defense isn't a solid shut-you-down type of defense, but if they can manage to get 1-3 turnovers, then it may be enough. Unfortunately, the turnovers have yet to come. Fingers crossed that Dunlap can help that. I'm also dying to see Moch get back. That suspension is killing us right now.

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