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Let the Chase Begin!


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With his 2nd place finish last night Jeff Gordon snuck into the last spot for the Chase, just edging Kyle Busch. Denny Hamlin roared into 1st place on the back of three strong finishes in a row. A couple new faces are making an appearance in this years contest with Dale Jr. and Brad Keslowski having exceptional runs. Here's how the Nascar standings and points will kick off at Chicagoland Speedway next Sunday.

1 Denny Hamlin 2012

2 Jimmie Johnson 2009

3 Tony Stewart 2009

4 Brad Keselowski 2009

5 Greg Biffle 2006

6 Clint Bowyer 2006

7 Dale Earnhardt Jr. 2003

8 Matt Kenseth 2003

9 Kevin Harvick 2000

10 Martin Truex Jr. 2000

11 Kasey Kahne 2000

12 Jeff Gordon 2000

As far as our Bengalszone Nascar Fantasy League goes, I moved back into contention on a strong 1-2-3-11 finish at Richmond. I'm trailing jrs junk by 11 points. Normally that wouldn't merit mention except that person is a woman! Best female player I've run into. Here's our current standings:

1 JAB's Go Daddy Race Team 6,986

2 Bill's Team 6,841

3 jrs junk 6,840

4 Billy's Intimidators 6,829

5 ham grenade 6,609

6 HittheWal 6,606

7 Dashing Dogs 6,549

8 Kenseth Rules 4,302

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No better time to make my move to the front than the 1st race of the chase. Picked up two spots and have the pedal to the metal! B)

1 JAB's Go Daddy Race Team 7,345

2 Billy's Intimidators 7,176

3 Bill's Team 7,172

4 jrs junk 7,106

5 HittheWal 6,943

6 ham grenade 6,900

7 Dashing Dogs 6,868

8 Kenseth Rules 4,302

God I love Nascar! :)

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