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early betting odds


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a wee bit to fill the time between now and the draft.

Odds from several online bookmakers regarding early favourites to win the superbowl, where the Bengals sit in consideration to winning the SB as well as how the division is viewed :-

Stan James: Packers & Patriots both 6/1 ........Bengals sit 17th @ 40/1 (Ravens 9th @ 16/1, Steelers 10th @ 18/1 and Browns 32nd @ 300/1)

Bet365: Packers @ 11/2 .......Bengals sit 18th @ 45/1 (Ravens 8th @ 16/1, Steelers 10th @ 20/1 and Browns 31st @ 175/1)

Paddy Power: Packers @ 13/2 .......Bengals sit 16th @ 33/1 (Steelers 4th @ 10/1, Ravens 8th @ 14/1 and Browns 32nd @ 150/1)

William Hill: Packers @ 6/1 .....Bengals sit 19th @ 33/1 (Ravens 7th @ 16/1, Steelers 9th @ 20/1 and Browns 32nd @ 200/1)

32Redbet: Packers @ 5/1 ....Bengals sit 17th @ 40/1 (ravens 8th @ 16/1, Steelers 10th @ 20/1 and Browns 32nd @ 150/1)

So, the Packers are the undisputed favourites to win the thing outright.

The Bengals are sitting right in the middle. The AFCN is predicted as being 1st Baltimore, 2nd Pittsburgh, 3rd Cincinnati, 4th Cleveland.

It'll be interesting to see how the bookmakers stance may change after the draft.

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I think that's about right for our Bengals. I still view them as a middle of the pack team, behind both Pittsburgh and Baltimore. That's not to say they are going to finish in 3rd again this season, but they need to be able to beat teams like them if they want to be looked at in the same manner.

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