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No Orioles annual pre season hupla


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As some of you know I usually do a pre season Oriole "Hey we are looking good" speach. But they don't look like much has changed and untill the pitching gets better it looks like another 5th place finish again!! But on the lighter side ""The REDS"" look like the can do real well this year. Hey don't get me wrong I'm still Die hard O's and wear my O's gear all spring and summer but I know its notin the cards again. Go O's go Reds! (((How bout them WILDCATS Billy!!))

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((How bout them WILDCATS Billy!!))

They rocked my world this past week! My brother just happened to be out here on vacation from Kentucky to show my nephews the Grand Canyon, and we got to watch the game together with the boys just like we did with our dad. Good times.

As far as the Orioles, I don't have high hopes for them this season. Baltimore was great back in the days of Earl Weaver. I'm still a bit upset the O's beat the Reds in the World Series back in '70, and Brooks Robinson was the best 3rd baseman to ever play the game IMO.

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