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Football Gameplan's 2012 NFL Mock Draft Video - January


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Love the posts as always.

I think if the Bengals have an opportunity to get DeCastro with that first pick and then pass on Richardson sitting there at #21, I would be absolutely pissed. At #21 ?? Presents not only the opportunity to fill a need with a complete back we are sorely missing, but would most certainly be BPA at that point. I do like Jenkins though.

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I don't like Jenkins.

I know he's the best man-coverage corner in this draft, but that's pretty much all he does. He's too small for my liking, and he's not a strong tackler. I would prefer a more complete player.

Kirkpatrick will likely fall to the Bengals because of his recent stupidity. He's a much more complete CB than Jenkins... and his stupidity is not nearly as worrisome as Jenkins. I would also be in favor of Dennard, who reminds me a lot of Leon Hall with a chip on his shoulder.

All that said, if Jenkins is the pick, I guess you can't complain much about getting a guy who is a potential shut-down corner. He's apparently turning a lot of heads at the Senior Bowl. I just don't think he's a risk worth taking.

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Awsome video!

Wow i cant believe Richardson fell that far, if he is there at 17 i think they get him there!

Im hoping they get interior o-linemen in the free agency, and bring back Williams. Also pick up guards later in the draft, and groom Boling who i still think can be pretty good.

I do like Jenkins, but i also like Kirkpatrick. However if Jenkins is still there i think the bengals will take him. Mayock has him ranked right now as the #2 and had a great day at senior bowl practice. So if the bengals take him i would be so excited.

So if they get Richardson, and Jenkins wow i would be so freakin excited. Im sure that Richardson wont be there so Decastro is a good pick as well!

I also like Barron, but if he is not going to be a game changing safety then im not sure if i like him in the first round.

Doug Martin is the guy im keeping my eye on in the second round if they dont get Richardson

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