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Sure am glad I didn't get my way


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As this season nears the end, I think back to preseason and how I wanted Carson to play so we'd at least have a shot at a good season. If it was another 8-8 season where would we be? Not knowing anything about Dalton, not knowing if Carson was still our future. Instead we got a qb who looks like he can be great. We got 2 #1's, and things are definitely looking bright for next season. I would love a miracle to get us in the postseason, because I think the experience would benefit this young team tremendously, but I'd sayd it's a 20% chance. In a nutshell, I'm saying I'm glad we're not going into 2012 with a debate as to who are QB is.

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Let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet. You had one fluke in a season where no teams had any tape on your qb. Don't be surprised when you lose to St. Louis. You're not leaving the basement any time soon, you're with us for a while longer.

You just don't watch much football do you? Anyone that has seen Andy Dalton and knows a lick of football has come away impressed. Don't be upset that your team can't find it's way out of the basement for the last 9 years. And look on the bright side, Holmgren said that Shurmer will be the Browns HC for a "long time". Now you guys just need some actual playmakers.

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