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Liverpool vs Man City


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Right, that's me away to watch the Liverpool - Man City match on Sky.

Been in the Royal British Legion since 1:00 (well, I had to book up the wee man for his xmas party ticket didn't i?) and the beers quite good in there!!

A spot of proper football between the fallen kings of soccer from the 70's and 80's against the team trying to but the title and claiming to be the richest team in the world (which they are with arab oil money back them!) - hopefully a good game but these encounters can often srtagnate.

THEN ... as it finishes there's just enough time to charge my glass before the Yankee football gets underway .... hopefully be able to pick up a decent stream for the Bengals game.

Just as well I have no work tomorrow !!

Love the football....hate my liver !!!

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